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Bill ZEbub Begins New Project

Bill Zebub is beginning a documentary titled “Sleaze or Art?” and will explore the making of his earlier work. You will enjoy tons of never before seen footage. Take a look at the kickstarter for it. Click here (and share that link). You will get goodies, whether they be the limited hand-numbered and autographed art, or something more.


I had forgotten that THE LAST OF US was only a mildly entertaining game, so I foolishly believed that THE LAST OF US 2 was going to be a great game (because people I knew were talking about it excitedly).
The fist sign of a terrible experience was that the game for PS4 has two discs. One is just a data disc that has to be loaded first. This made me cringe.
My apprehension was well-founded. That extra data was for a bad story. Not only was the writing bad – it was also political. This is a social agenda propagandist tool, not a game. I was going to instantly return it, but I decided to play it because I was streaming on Twitch and perhaps I could entertain my subscribers by insulting the extremely bad writing.
Even if the game weren’t political, the movie parts are as long as a mini-series, and it didn’t take long for me to fantasize about beating up anyone who was responsible for the creation of this annoying game. Seriously, it’s about 2 hours of actual gameplay, and 5 million hours of listening to retarded dialogue while watching an uninspired video that would make anyone walk out of a theater.
95% of the game is pointless. It’s made even worse because it is inescapable. You are forced to endure the maddening stupidity. I am not joking. It actually feels like a nightmare because your character can’t run. He or she can only walk slowly until all of the ridiculous dialogue is exhausted.
During some parts, you can opt to “skip cinematic.” Would you like to guess what that does? It brings you to a 3-minute loading screen, and INTO ANOTHER cinematic that you can’t escape, unless it brings you to another 3-minute loading screen, which then brings you to a cinematic that you can’t escape/quit!!!

I made the mistake of quitting the game after I couldn’t take any more of the incessant cinematics – when I restarted the game, I had to endure EVERYTHING all over again. I almost cried.
You get about 15 minutes of actually playing a game, then an hour and a half of being hopelessly stuck in a flashback scene, and then you play for maybe 15 minutes, and then another hour and a half of flashback scene, rinse-and-repeat.
Why did I continue playing? It was like losing money in a casino. I had lost hours, hours of hating every second of the game, but if I ejected the disc I would probably run until I saw a dog or homeless person and kick it in the head. THAT is how angry I was. I had to play just a little bit more in order to get SOME form of payoff. It really was the only reason to continue. I could not accept that I got fooled into playing the worst game ever made.

At least the intermissions in Pac Man were funny and short – and FAR SUPERIOR to the cinematics in LAST OF US 2.
By the way, how stupid is it for you to die in a flashback? Did a Polak come up with this “clever” idea?
You play several characters. I forgot how many because the only thing that I can think of right now is how to get rid of my copy of this game. I deleted all traces of it from PS4.

I imagine that the writers thought that they were groundbreaking by making you play the protagonist and the antagonist (both want to kill each other), as well as any of the man-bun faggots who depict this future as the gay version of the planet of the apes.

I would seriously rather turn into a zombie and get shot than live in that man-bun world. Also, it is more multicultural than the Barney the Dinosaur world, which means that it is not authentic – it is 100% contrived. It’s an embarrassing gimmick, wouldn’t you say?
The game is linear, and it is made even more annoying by having only ONE solution to any problem or puzzle. If you don’t figure it out, you’re fucked and stuck.

The game is also anal. In many of the flashbacks… let me give you ONE example, but multiply that by ten million (the amount of similar times it will trap you) – in one flashback, a twat and a fag with lots of hair gel, in a world that is post-apocalyptic, are on a date. They don’t discuss why all the men have hair gel and man buns, or why women don’t understand what ladylike behavior is or why the female antagonist has more muscles than a man on steroids… no, they go to an abandoned aquarium, and you, the player, MUST touch every fucking goddamn exhibit or you the scene will not end. Seriously, you MUST touch EVERY exhibit, of which there are many, and you hear trivia about each. Normally I pet the dolphin every day, but in this game you have to go through five floors of displays, unable to escape until you suffer through the explanations of each boring one.

If that weren’t pointless, you also have to find a chew-toy and make a dog play fetch. You also have to strum a guitar. Eject the game and play Guitar Hero instead.
Many of these horrible “cinematics” make me wonder why the developers didn’t just make those areas playable. Instead, we are forced to watch awful scenes that drag on and on.
I hated the zombies, and I never was much into monsters that can kill you in one shot. Wow, that’s not frustrating at all. (sarcasm) Yes, I am a fan of the Dark Souls games, but the seemingly impossible foes in that game are a joy to figure out and to defeat, and you can do so in many creative ways, but in LAST OF US 2, there is only ONE way to do this or that.
The only fun in the game is when you fight humans, but each such encounter lasts only minutes, and then you are subject to the torture of an inescapable flashback of SEVERAL aggravating scenes that last 90 minutes, as I mentioned before. I’d rather watch a faucet drip.
There are leftover mechanics that should have been written out of the code. For example, if you run toward a tight squeeze between two buildings, do you really need to press a button on your controller in order for you to go through it? There are a lot of these needless things that just pad the game time. It’s like telling the same bad joke every 5 minutes.
I seriously wonder if I can get a refund, or if I can sue for mental anguish.


Bill Zebub returned to radio June 10, 2020, and he will continue a weekly radio show titled “The Vortex of Chaos: which can be heard in New York and New Jersey on 91.1 FM, but it can also be heard in New York City and Rockland Country on 91.9 FM.

The show is also streamed worldwide live at, and it is also archived for later streaming download. For example, the premiere show can be enjoyed here – and the master list of all shows is/shall be here

Bill Zebub’s Professsor Dumdum shows are still available – here you go


Memoir of Exalted Deeds

If you have been waiting for Bill Zebub’s memoir about THE GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS, his radio days, and some movie-making secrets, the thick book is out now.

There are a variety of countries that manufacture this tome, so visit MEMOIR OF EXALTED DEEDS (click) and see if your region gets serviced.

Bill Zebub has also written a book of tragic poetry and dark fantasy stories. Visit WORDS OF SORROW (click that cool title) for links .

Currently Bill Zebub is completing a psychological horror that is based on the original script for RAPE IS A CIRCLE (the original script was never filmed).

If you would like to be notified about the release of that book, Email

Also in the works are picture books. The first will feature Grimoire Girls, and the rest will showcase pictures from each movie. Fans have begged for these. Contact Bill Zebub to be put on the list.

There is also a chance of a BEST OF THE GRIMOIRE to be published. If enough fans ask for it, Bill Zebub will put it together. Again, contact

And in other news, Bill Zebub filled in for a radio spot on WFMU. You can stream or download the show

Spread the word, bird.


Cosmic Putrefaction – The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers

This is an enjoyable venture into atmosphere. The songs are like soundtracks to strangeness instead of being songs per se. Yes, they are songs, but the structure and timing produce a mood, often unsettling, like being affected by a horror movie.

Yes, there is brutality, a distinctly heavy guitar sound, and death metal sort of rasping vocals, but the effect is more than just heaviness.

I’ve heard the album many times, and each new listening session produced more discovery, so if you want to invest in an album that will unfold in this manner, I recommend it.

The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers

Deranged – Deeds of Ruthless Violence (Agonia Records)

Much respect is given to this band. I remember when I first interviewed the drummer for The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds he was cordial and answered questions as if we were old friends.

The video for “Killing Spree” is still one of the best death metal videos in my opinion.

I was dismayed when the singer, Per, left the band. I accidentally ran into him at a show in New York and was happy to have had a chance to tell him how godly his vocals were, and I wished him luck with his label Regain Records.

You can imagine how happy I was to hear the new album. I never stopped listening to the band. Indeed, I would support it even if it were disco. The band has earned that kind of loyalty.

If you are familiar with Deranged then you really don’t even need a review. You will buy the album as soon as you hear that it is available.

If you never heard the band then perhaps you are new to the scene. In that case, you MUST get their “Rated X” album, and everything will fall in place from there. It is a death metal masterpiece. After that indoctrination you should get Deeds of Ruthless Violence out of respect, and then fill in the rest of the blanks in your collection.


Memoir of Exalted Deeds

Bill Zebub will release a memoir this week titled “Fanzine Editor, Radio Personality, and Movie Maker” alternatively called “Memoir of Exalted Deeds.”

It will recount the history of his various creative outlets but will focus primarily on his magazine. You will get an insight into his humor. Are you ready to see the wizard behind the curtain?

The original manuscript was 150,000 words, which is more than in an epic fantasy, so quite a lot had to be taken out.

He will begin work on a second memoir that will focus primarily on his movies. He had never provided a director’s commentary, so the book will be the first time that he will reveal certain information.

Both books will seem like a slapstick novel. Bill Zebub makes himself look like an idiot in his movies, but that is because he IS an idiot. There is no ego-stroking here.

If a fool like Bill Zebub can make a career out of movies and magazines, then you have no excuse.

Feel free to Email with questions, or to be put on a mailing list.

Memoir of Exalted Deeds

Words of Sorrow

Bill Zebub’s first book of poetry and short stories was published on April Fool’s day, but it is not a joke. Rather, it is a collection of the tragedy that you might not expect from the King of Idiots (the head of a record label gave Bill Zebub that title).

The book is published in several countries, including Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and England, so you can go to the amazon site for those locations for more merciful shipping costs. The link in America is -spread the word.

This is also available as an eBook in MANY countries, including Australia, India, and Mexico, so check the amazon site for your region. In America, the eBook link is CLICK HERE.

Whichever format fits your needs, please support this very first work. Bill Zebub prefers reading actual books instead of words on the screen, but he knows that his own tastes are not generalize-able to the public. Both forms are very affordable.

Words of Sorrow by Bill zebub

Indiegogo deletes Bill Zebub

Fans who participated in the crowdfunder for Bill Zebub’s upcoming atmospheric horror bombarded the legendary director with Emails asking why their contributions were refunded.

#indiegogo is NO friend of independent movie makers. Either someone over there who had extra time to flag movies banned Bill Zebub, or there was a knee-jerk reaction.

#facebook often removes Bill Zebub’s photographs but within a few days often apologizes for the mistake. Pictures of the #Dickshark movie are only vulgar if you interpret them that way. The movie is sold at Walmart! The movie is not porn. No movie that Bill Zebub has made can be considered porn unless you are socially retarded.

Bill Zebub will Email the funders to offer alternate arrangements. If YOU want to support this movie, you can Email – You can obtain the limited-edition uncensored Bluray for a mere $20, which is the same price of the normal retail version that will be released later this year, and you can opt for other items. Feel free to donate even a dollar if you wish. And of course, spread the word of this ignorant censorship. Bill Zebub has never had a problem with #kickstarter – they have superior customer service (they answer within 20 minutes and they have easy-to-find contact information) If you are a movie maker, take heed of what happened to Bill Zebub. Choose the more professional platform for your funding needs.