Movie Sale is here!

It’s the time of the year when you might be duty-bound to give gifts to people.  You  can give people you hate  Bill Zebub movies, or you can give people you love Bill Zebub movies.  You get the same joy whether you make an enemy furious or you make a friend ecstatic.

You can obtain 30 movies for $150 or 10 movies for $70, with shipping included in America, and a bit more for other countries, like $30 or so.  Email for order or more information.

You can also treat yourself to a nice gift.  This will surely beef up your collection.  

These are mystery boxes, but not the kind that merchants sell (when they discard overstock).  There will be an attempt to include at least one out-of-print movie,, while supplies last.  Also, you can list what you already have so that there won’t be a double. Then again, you might want to give these out as gifts, so it doesn’t really matter what you have. If you have a Bluray player, then at least one Bluray movei will be included.

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