Words of Sorrow

Bill Zebub’s first book of poetry and short stories was published on April Fool’s day, but it is not a joke. Rather, it is a collection of the tragedy that you might not expect from the King of Idiots (the head of a record label gave Bill Zebub that title).

The book is published in several countries, including Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and England, so you can go to the amazon site for those locations for more merciful shipping costs. The link in America is https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086PL2C4N -spread the word.

This is also available as an eBook in MANY countries, including Australia, India, and Mexico, so check the amazon site for your region. In America, the eBook link is CLICK HERE.

Whichever format fits your needs, please support this very first work. Bill Zebub prefers reading actual books instead of words on the screen, but he knows that his own tastes are not generalize-able to the public. Both forms are very affordable.

Words of Sorrow by Bill zebub

Indiegogo deletes Bill Zebub

Fans who participated in the crowdfunder for Bill Zebub’s upcoming atmospheric horror bombarded the legendary director with Emails asking why their contributions were refunded.

#indiegogo is NO friend of independent movie makers. Either someone over there who had extra time to flag movies banned Bill Zebub, or there was a knee-jerk reaction.

#facebook often removes Bill Zebub’s photographs but within a few days often apologizes for the mistake. Pictures of the #Dickshark movie are only vulgar if you interpret them that way. The movie is sold at Walmart! The movie is not porn. No movie that Bill Zebub has made can be considered porn unless you are socially retarded.

Bill Zebub will Email the funders to offer alternate arrangements. If YOU want to support this movie, you can Email bill@billzebub.com – You can obtain the limited-edition uncensored Bluray for a mere $20, which is the same price of the normal retail version that will be released later this year, and you can opt for other items. Feel free to donate even a dollar if you wish. And of course, spread the word of this ignorant censorship. Bill Zebub has never had a problem with #kickstarter – they have superior customer service (they answer within 20 minutes and they have easy-to-find contact information) If you are a movie maker, take heed of what happened to Bill Zebub. Choose the more professional platform for your funding needs.



I must preface this review by making people understand that when someone watches a movie, the desire is to be entertained. Some reviewers feel that they need to point out flaws and to criticize despite having no education in film or training in making movies.

It must also be pointed out that any movie that is seen has a sort of handshake with the viewer. Within as little as a few minutes to the viewer knows the rules that were established and either agrees to continue watching with acceptance, or continues in denial, and maybe at some point stops the experience.

I am not invested in this movie. I have never owned or even enjoyed a Misfits or a Danzig album, nor have I ever read the comic book that presumably led to the movie “Verotika.” I point this out so that you know that I am not invested in either the movie, the comic book, or Glen Danzig. I am not familiar with any of the aforementioned art or artist.

Now onto the movie. Within minutes I was able to discern the rules of the movie and continued to watch it as such. I sensed that the spirit of the movie was not serious. This might be completely wrong, or unintended, but that was my personal feeling.

Horror movies have long been considered the junk food of cinema. While there are exceptional movies, like “The Mist” there are nonetheless movies that perpetuate the stupidity stereotype. Indeed, many American horror and science fiction movies are just silly action movies with blood or lasers respectively. American horror also likes to validate idiotic ideas, like tales from primitive cultures being real. It seems that the bigger the budget, the more uneducated the writer are (if their premises are indicators). It is understandable. The most common I.Q. is 100, which is quite stupid, so appealing to a large crowd means simplifying the movie or else risking low acceptance.

Horror fans may require blood and other ingredients in their films, but I often wondered how many times a horror fan can see the special effect of a throat getting cut before the trick becomes boring. Yes, there is a throat-cutting scene in Verotika, but I am not mentioning it as an insult. I really am curious if horror fans can see the same gimmick in dozens of movies the same way that an infant is endlessly amused by a simple trick. If the answer is yes, then the throat-cutting shot will make such fans happy. There is plenty of blood in this movie.

I am happy to see that Glen Danzig is not afraid of female nudity in this silly era of primitive censorship. For this reason alone I will not state anything negative about the movie. I also refrain from any sort of bashing because I noticed that people on social media are ridiculing the movie, and I do not want to join in. Many of those insults are also from people who haven’t even seen the movie yet. The expectation is to hate it. It seems like gossiping housewives, so I would rather not join those ranks.

It is true that if this movie could be a comedy if I invite friends over and drink a lot. It can definitely provide that kind of fun. I don’t know what the intention of the creator was. The movie might have been made in total seriousness, sort of like “The Room” which might actually be the case. Regardless of the intention, I decided, within minutes of watching, that this was to be taken lightly.

If you have a fair amount of discretionary income, I would suggest buying this even if it is to be a gift from someone else. I want to support anyone who provides content that is currently under attack. Fuck censorship, and fuck puritans. It’s bad enough that politically-correct retards are infecting the ranks of metal – the feeble-minded sheep are trying to sanitize horror. Fight them with a purchase of any movie that spits in those faces.


When I received this album, the first thing I checked was who the vocalist was. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the name. Johan Langquist . He had delivered the magical performances on “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus“- I held hope my entire life that he would return. In fact, I heard that he was one of the singers who were considered for “King of the Grey Isles” – and although I was dismayed when Johan wasn’t chosen, I had to admit that the former Solitude Aeturnus singer was perfect for those songs.

The first song on The Pendulum starts out with almost a “Symptom of the Universe” feeling, rooting me in the world of Black Sabbath as I try to orient myself in this new Candlemass music.

I must give the disclaimer that Johan does not sing the way that he did on Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, so do not have the unbearably anxious feeling that I had as I cursed every delay.

If you love Candlemass then I do not need to state anything because you will buy the album without question. The only remarks that I would like to make is that these songs live on their own. They are not an extension of any other album. This production is unique to this E.P. so you won’t get a comparison to anything else. You must simply trust that these godlike musicians have offered something that you must hear.

Bill Zebub’s New Horror

The highly sexy Bill Zebub is developing an atmospheric horror called “Sicko” – take a look at the crowdfunder https://igg.me/at/atmospherichorror/x/8486493# and perhaps you might be inclinded to get a limited edition hand-numbered Blu(e)ray for a normal price (Bill Zebub wants YOU to benefit from the increase in value).

This campaign also is offering the PROFESSOR DUMDUM t shirts, as well as posters, props, and your mother. Have a look, unless you’re gay.

If you get offended by that, you’re gay.

Also, if you’re gay, then you are gay.


Assmonster and Antfarm Dickhole

Antfarm Dickhole and Assmonster might get re-edited for a Bluray. Both movies have been out of print for a while, and fans have begged for a re-release. If you search for them you will see that they fetch quite a hefty price. As such, Bill Zebub does not want to devalue the discs that devoted fans have collected. Whenever he raises a movie from the dead, it is in a new form.

Speaking of collectors, if you are a true fan, then you may want to get the limited, hand-numbered art edition, signed by the extremely sexy Bill Zebub. This is only for a short time, however. https://youtu.be/7uJLXIdvs40 Make excuses, or make something happen. That is the motto in the land of Bill Zebub.

Holocaust Cannibal gets Re-edited

Bill Zebub is actively re-editing HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL which will be re-named “Die Nazi” and shall be presented in HD on the ABSURD HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE Bluray that is to be released in May.

As with other re-edits, Bill Zebub likes to select alternate performances and camera angles wherever possible.

The original movie was shot in 2012. The 2020 re-edit will reflect his style as it is now. “It’s fun to look at footage with a fresh attitude.

If you enjoyed the original cut then you might enjoy seeing the changes in the new edit.

The change in name also has to do with the idiocy of merchants and consumers. HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL very blatantly describes the movie as ANTI-nazi in the synopsis, but shallow people see the word “holocaust” and jump to stupid conclusion despite the photographs being silly. In fact, when the movie was initially announced, FYE made huge pre-order, but an executive saw the title on the list of upcoming releases and was triggered by the word, which resulted in him ordering the movie to be removed. Yes, that is how stupid some people are, and it has only become worse since 2012. People can’t be bothered with reading a synopsis or with perceiving a word in the actual context. Why are people rewarded for having shallow thinking while people who engage in active thinking are punished? (It is ironic that the chain carried seven movies with the word “holocaust” in the title, and some of them actually depicted nazis raping or abusing Jews, whereas in this movie, the only people who experience atrocities are the nazis).

Esoteric – A Pyrrhic Existence

Esoteric is a band known for creating sorrowful, frightening, and atmospheric music. This new album provides a more dream-like soundscape than the remix of “Pernicious Enigma” which might very well be the most terrifying music ever recorded, blended with melancholy that is beyond words (on Aesthetic Death).

This is art that paints with tears. Let no happy thought occupy your mind when you choose this album for your listening session. Darken your world, close your weary eyes, drink of death, and ride the songs into hell.

Esoteric – A Pyrrhic Existence

Celtic Frost

Interview with Tom Warrior conducted by Bill Zebub

This interview was initially conducted from my radio show. A friend told me that she heard that the new album was going to be poser, so I called Tom to confirm or deny that “Cold Lake” was going to be a change in style. Bear in mind that I had not heard the material yet.

You have an album coming out on Halloween, called “Cold Lake” I think.

Yeah, it’s the most straight-ahead album since Morbid Tales.   I don’t know how familiar you are with us or if you listen to us.  But we dropped almost all of the orchestral things and all the opera singers and all the overloaded arrangements – all the 10-minute songs for the benefit of much straighter Celtic Frost material like we did it on the first two albums especially.  We thought we can’t go any further with this orchestral stuff.  It’s also going by the fan’s taste.  A lot of fans complained.  We couldn’t play the stuff live.  And also I think we went a little too far on the last record.  So we were really happy to cut back on all those things and make a really straight-ahead heavy metal record.  But nevertheless, in many things, it’s very typical Celtic Frost.

Vocally, do you do more of what you did on Morbid Tales, or are you going to do what you did on Into The Pandemonium?

It’s more Into The Pandemonium type singing, but it’s not the type of singing that I do in Mesmerized.  It’s not a new wave singing.  Absolutely definitely 100% heavy metal singing, and it’s very heavy in places.  But I guess I never made such a big step forward on a record as far as vocal performance.  We really worked on vocals this time.  In places you can even say I’m singing instead of really just shouting.  I had some vocal training some years ago after my first tour because I had some problems with my voice.  But I’ve been working with the band on my vocals because I wanted to improve as a lead vocalist since we have two guitars now I can be more of a vocalist.

You lost a lot of fans with Into The Pandemonium.  They said that you sold out, and they were outraged at what they heard.  It was second best to disco.  You said that this new album is going to be heavy again?

I think it’s true that we lost a lot of fans with this album.  But how we felt about it was not that it’s second best to disco or anything.  A lot of fans told us that they just could not put up anymore with all the avant garde stuff or the half opera.  That just wasn’t what the fans wanted to hear from Celtic Frost.  That’s the reaction that we got on the tour last year.  They were really disappointed that we had overloaded the record with violins.  They only liked the metal songs on the album which, of course, there were too few.  On the new album there’s material that in heaviness can probably be compared to Mexican Radio which probably is a little more on the lighter side, but nevertheless it’s really heavy and powerful, I think.  But there’s also a couple of songs that are at least as heavy as the material on Morbid Tales.  We tried to get the best from the three albums before and concentrate it on one album without overdoing anything.

Your first attempts were definitely gifts to metal.  You did offer something to metal.  Are you familiar with the term “poser”?


You’ve been called a poser by the people who have heard the new album.  They object to the hairspray.

I’ve had to answer this question quite a lot… especially the hairspray thing.  We’ve been using hairspray since years and nobody ever objected.  If you ever had a look on the cover of To Mega Therion, which is probably the heaviest album we ever done, and you see how much hairspray that Reed or Dominic used, or even I, or if you look at the back cover of Tragic Serenades and you see Martin’s hair, you know that we used hairspray since early ‘85.  Nobody ever objected.  But  after Mexican Radio everybody started to say, “You guys use hairspray!”  I can’t see anything that is against the law in using hairspray.  As long as the music is right I think that we can try to look OK on the cover too.  We use hairspray on the new album too, and if somebody calls us a poser, I can understand it.  I want to be open-minded enough.  But I think it’s wrong.  It’s as wrong as fans calling us black metal or speed metal.  I think it’s the same category of giving us wrong trademarks.  I think that Celtic Frost is always a band who tried to be different.  And we’re different again on this new album.  You never know what to expect.  People who are calling us posers are judging a little too fast.  I used to be a total hardcore thrash fan once, before I was even in a band.  And I always had a hard time to figure out a record of a band I loved when they really changed.  But I always felt that being open-minded and being willing to pay more than one listen to something helped me a lot in this area.

Was the song “I won’t Dance” sort of your middle ground?

We recorded the song and when we did it we started to have shaky legs.  We wanted to try this experiment and we thought we went too far.  This is not Celtic Frost.  We weren’t really sure about the song.  So we didn’t know if we would play it on the tour.  Then we played in England and the States, as you know.  We tried out the song, and it was one of the songs being appreciated the most by the crowd.  The first few nights I tell you I couldn’t believe the reaction.  Everybody sang along.  And to us, the song seemed almost too commercial, but the fans seemed to like it so much.  Now on this album there’s not one song with backing vocals or something like that.  There is songs that you could call commercial thrash, but  there’s not one thing being close to backing vocals..  This album is a lot heavier than we wanted to do even.

What is the lyrical quality like?

We went the same way with the lyrics like we did with the music, which means it is typical Celtic Frost.  There’s millions of symbols in there, and we tried to write really sophisticated.  But what we changed was, we write a lot more modern and contemporary.  We don’t only sing about ancient themes that the fans have a hard time relating to.  90% of the record is contemporary, ranging from the Vietnam War to Marilyn Monroe, and what happened to us last year when we had a lawsuit against a record company.  But it’s written with a lot of symbols.  Martin wrote this song “Mesmerized” which is a love song, and that was a theme we never touched with Celtic Frost.  But the fans seemed to like the theme of the song.    So we also have a couple of love songs on the album even, but of course they’re written in the typical Celtic Frost way.

Posers write love songs with cliche lyrics.

We tried to cross over or do something new.  I never looked at Celtic Frost, except maybe Morbid Tales, as a thrash band.  I never denied that we have very strong thrash metal roots.  It comes obviously from our backgrounds and Hellhammer and everything.  I always thought it was interesting to combine what I listen to otherwise with this background.

Your ancient themes are excellent.  Where do you get the ideas?

I have a huge library here in my house about ancient things.  That was my background before I started music.  I was always into history, especially those centuries before christ’s birth.  When I had a band it was obvious that I would search some themes in there.

King Diamond has the same healthy sort of love of reading.

Well I think it would be very interesting to meet him.  I’m afraid that we are handled as rivals right now.  There’s always been this rival feeling about us and King Diamond.  It was from our side when he still was in his band Mercyful Fate because Martin Ain was extremely conscious about occult lyrics.  Martin is an expert in occultism to whom I look up to so much.  We analyzed some of the lyrics he had in Mercyful Fate and we were aware that the lyrics were really not something that you should sing to the kids.  In our opinion he didn’t really think about what he was telling the kids.  An adult man singing about killing babies and stuff…  so we were really unhappy about what he was doing.  It wasn’t our business, but that’s the way we looked at it.  But I know by now he has changed a lot.  In fact, my fiance just told me about new lyrics he has, and I found them pretty interesting.

The christian Satanism is totally different from the LaVeyan Satanism that King Diamond is a part of. 

I know, but we found that he brought that across not so clear.  We felt that a lot of fans just scratched on the surface of his lyrics.  That’s a very dangerous influence. 

What sort of training did you have, musically?

I was in guitar lessons since I was 12 years old, but they fired me.  I was too lazy to rehearse.  So that really frustrated me.  I put the guitar aside until I was 16 years old.  Then I started learning it all myself because I discovered all the heavy metal records.  I trained myself.  Everybody in this band is trained by themselves, as probably a lot of heavy metal bands did.  The only actual training that I had was vocal training.

You put Celtic Frost together?

Yeah, it was me and Martin Ain.  The basic decision was the frustration we had in Hellhammer.  We felt Hellhammer was far too limited as far as lyrics and of course music.  We thought that Hellhammer was cliche-loaded and it’s going nowhere.  It’s primitive.  We had to form some band to make up for this.  That’s why we started maybe a little over-sophisticated with the lyrics and all the arrangements.  That, of course, carried on until the last album.  We always felt that we had to make up for Hellhammer.  That was the basic reason for forming Celtic Frost.

So it is like a penance.

Yeah, it’s like a curse following us around.  Now I can look back on Hellhammer and say, OK, it was bad, but we proved that we can do something else too.  That’s why we wrote classical stuff.  I felt really embarrassed about what we did in Hellhammer.  I can say that honest now.

I heard that Hellhammer is re-forming as a vinyl project.

Martin Ain is reforming Hellhammer.  Martin left Celtic Frost because he wants to settle down. He doesn’t want to tour anymore.  He wants to marry and everything.  Martin and me are still very good friends.  He wanted to leave even before the last album.  We always convinced him to stay another month or so.  But he finally left.  He is more into new wave and punk and stuff like that.  So it was an obvious choice to do that as a side project.  He’s going to re-form Hellhammer.  He’s gonna do it very modern.  It’s gonna be probably in the direction of S.O.D. and stuff like that.  I met a lot of Celtic Frost fans that are just as satisfied with our new material.

Did Into the Pandemonium  sell more copies?

It sold better than all the albums we had before, but it never sold as much as it should have sold.  We expect every album to make a big step forward.  Into The Pandemonium made a step forward, but not such a big one because it was so far away from what fans can relate to.  It was a compromise for us too because we wanted to satisfy ourselves as artists but we still wanted to be a metal band, and it was impossible, of course.  What we didn’t make as a step last time, not only in sales but also as a personal step, I hope we did it this time.

Do you have any enemies?  Are there any bands you don’t smile upon?

I hope we don’t have any enemies.  There’s always rivalry between metal bands going on.  We have very good friends in the metal scene.  But I bet there’s rivals, and even some bands you can call enemies.  I don’t know who it is because we always try to be very professional.  I think that if there’s anything bad going on, it might be from one of our former members… to say it very careful, and I think it’s plain frustration and jealousy, and that hurt us very much.  It disappointed us very much.  We couldn’t understand it because all of us in the new line-up were friends with this person.  There’s enough people trying to destroy metal anyway.  I don’t think that we need metal bands to destroy metal.  O

So you’re sure you didn’t sell out?

Yeah.  That was part of the rumors  that we sold out for all the girls, which is totally ridiculous.  We’re all in steady relationships.

Serial Killer double feature

Bill Zebub is editing a Bluray double feature of serial killer movies.

If you want past issues of the Grimoire, or if you want shirts from the magazine covers or movies, Bill Zebub has launched a crowdfunder in which you can get these (you don’t have to get the movie)

Have a look here https://igg.me/at/serialkillerzebub/x/8486493#/ and of course, share it like you share AIDS.

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