Miscellaneous Grimoire Girls

This page is for girls who submitted photographs to be a Grimoire Girl or who for girls who are Grimoire Girls but more photos ned to be scaned before they get their own pages.


Readers who sent in photographs had their photos taken by their friends, or boyfriends.   You might be accustomed to seeing pictures that are heavily photoshopped or set in picturesque environments, but the message in the Grimoire was quite clear – it is the woman who adorns the background, not the other way around.  The woman should always be the focus.  The photographs are real to show what a real woman looks like.  there is no touching up to make the girl into an idealed version.  

When you go to a metal show, you get to enjoy talking (or just seeing, if you;re shy) metal maidens.  This era of fake photos may lead you to initially yell “amateur” but if you ever meet any of these girls you will yell, “Goddess!”

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