INDIE DIRECTOR is streaming

Don’t get your boogers too dry. INDIE DIRECTOR is now streaming here (click).

This version has had some color touch-ups and will appear on the CAMPY HORROR Bluray in the summer, which also will contain the Director’s Cut of ANTFARM DICKHOLE as well as the Director’s Cut of ASSMONSTER. It will have a version of EXPLOITATION in which some of the color is not as saturated. Bill Zebub wanted a dreamy look in the original cut, with colors that were much more vibrant than in the real world. It’s still eye-pleasing, so so not be dismayed.

There is a 3+ Hour version of Exploitation that will be slightly re-edited for a future bonus, and there will also be a completely re-edited version eventually. These will be bonus movies, as will a re-edit of INDIE DIRECTOR. There are various reasons for offering new versions, but none of them are cash-grabs. These are for the ultra-fans. Bill Zebub loves hearing alternate versions of songs and he loves seeing alternate cuts of movies. This is the primary motivation – to make an ultra-fan happy the way that he becomes happy when he finds new versions.