Memoir of Exalted Deeds

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Bill Zebub writes a memoir

Bill Zebub first considered writing a memoir when he was developing a script for a movie that was to spoof his magazine history.

He wanted this movie to be structured like a movie, not like a biography. He also wanted to look like the fool in a slapstick movie, not like a hero.

Those who know Bill Zebub in real life know that he constantly gets into trouble and that he has more bad luck that the entire population of the planet. That’s perfect for a movie.

There was information that Bill Zebub wanted to convey in the movie, but that material would best be enjoyed in a book. As soon as he started writing, Bill Zebub seemed possessed.

This book would be entertaining even if a reader never heard of Bill Zebub. That is the way that it was written. If you have heard of him, then you get to enjoy some secrets, not just about him, but about others. Well, mostly about others.

There will be a crowdfunder to release the first batch. This book is so offensive that it will be impossible to traditionally publish. Bill Zebub does not want to dilute any of the material, which he would be forced to do if this were a mainstream release.

Another reason for the crowdfunder is to release items that had long been lost, as well as other special goodies.

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Bill Zebub
Bill Zebub