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Vanishing Kids – Vanishing kids (Svart Records)

This is a perfect album. Even if you don’t like the style, which may be called psychodelic or progressive, you cannot possibly say a bad word about it.

Watch this to unfold the dream

I distantly recall Paul Chain and Simon Garfunkle in parts but it’s part of the associations in the chains of my memories. The band has a unique sound, which I prefer to enjoy in darkness and with eyes closed, and I hear the full album in one sitting. It satisfies many experiential cravings.

I will share a video here, but please do not let any appearance prejudice you. Listen to the music. Let that be your only focus. A story will form in your mind.

This is a work of excellence. Treat it as such.

Katla – Embryo

This album is quite ’70’s-ish, taking a psychedelic approach.  The hollow vocals are a compliment to the trippy retro-style.  I find this retro movement to be a welcome rebellion, or alternative.  

You can enjoy a live video by clicking HERE and determine if you resonate with the style.  

And here is another video