Jesus the Easter Bunny

The Cover of Grimoire #9 is now a T-shirt

When The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds #9 was published, the front cover received so much admiration that teh art was re-printed in many more issues, eventually getting full-glossy pages to capture every stroke.

This design is finally available in a full color t-shirt (the shirt itself is black),  Click HERE to order.  (URL is

The artist is Jim Walls,  IN the history of the Grimorie of Exalted Deeds, Bill Zebub described his ideas to Jim Walls, and Jim Walls got to work.  All previous art was done in pencil, but this design was in colored pencil.  This is also the final design that Jim Walls drew for the magazine.

Wear the shirt with pride.  Get it while supplies last.  Sizes from SMALL to 4XL.

Jesus the Easter Bunny
This is the cover to THE GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS Issue #9

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