Bill Zebub’s Black Metal Documentary

Bill Zebub is finalizing BLACK METAL” THE ULTIMATE DOCUMENTARY which will be a Blu(e)ray of about 6 hours.

In a day or two, there will be a crowdfunder in which you can obtain a 7-hour burned Blu(e)ray that will contain the raw cuts as well as some extra footage. This disc is burned, but the art will be real printing, hand-numbered, and signed.

Of course, you can get the factory-manufactured retail disc with special limited art, hand-numbered, and signed during the crowdfunding campaign.

Bill Zebub will also offer back-issues of his magazine “The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds” as well as other rarities. Be sure to check here in a day or two for information, and as always, you can Email to be put on the list, or to call him an asshole.

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