Extreme Metal Retardation

Extreme Metal Retardation is the second installment in the METAL RETARDATION series.  It contains interviews with Dimmu Borgir, King Diamond, Enslaved, Voivod, Enthroned, Kreator, Tyr, Huntress, Alestorm, and Arkona.

This is the free version.  The DVD is longer, due mostly to music clips, some of which are live performances exclusive to the DVD.   Maybe you’d like to see the free version before buying te DVD, but don’t feel obliged.  

The interviews in METAL RETARDATION are mixed together for maximum entertainment, so even if you don’t know a band you will still be amused.  The point of this mixture is for you to get acquainted with bands that you don’t know while getting to see bands that you love (albeit in a much different situation that you are accustomed to, ha ha).

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g45XTMrQsok[/embedyt]

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