Slymenstra Hymen

GWAR – Slymesntra Hymen

This is from the very first interview with Slymenstra Hymen in ISSUE #1 of THE GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS Magazine, which came out in 1993.

Let’s talk about your role.

My roll? I roll the dice every day, baby. I roll the I Ching too.

The I Ching?

Hell yeah. I’m fuckin’ mind-control girl. What do you think?

You have a very sexual role in the band.

Well yes. I am a woman. But I don’t know why everyone has to compute my presence with sex. I am a woman, and I am going to show it.

I do remember seeing in excerpt from a cable show in which you said something sexual.

Abandon ye all hope who enter her. I do have a very sexual edge. But I also have a self-contained and self-affirming sexuality, which I think is positive.

You’re a space bimbo.


Are you from the same hierarchy as the rest of the group?

Of course. Even a higher one. They’re just warriors. I am a goddess.

You seem to be a dominatrix.

In this world, you have to put people in their place. All I know is, once Mother Nature takes over, everything will be OK. The rich will crumble and burn. The world will go back to the way that it should be.

Since you are above the others…

The only reason I am above the others is because humans have this problem with idolizing people and making hierarchies. You used the word “Hierachy” but this is something that humans like to do. They like to emulate, to have icons running around. Maybe it has something to do with the inner child. Something to do with how they don’t get potty-trained correctly. Something to do with their mother smoking crack while heir father was beating their face in.

Do you share Oderus’ view of humanity?

I don’t know. Me and Oderus are very different. We have a love/hate relationship. Many things I agree with, and many things I don’t. Strange character indeed, and I can’t say I fully agree with him or totally don’t. But he is a sensation-seeking, empty-hearted motherfucker. He likes to destroy things too fast. I realize that you have to destroy things in order to create new life, and all, but… I don’t know… just his demeanor while he’s doing it.

Speaking of destruction, or its opposite, is GWAR going to reproduce on earth?

Not if I have anything to do with it. That’s why I wear my armor. There was a time when I could wander the earth in full nudity and not worry, but I did have to create armor to protect my most ultimate weapon.

A chastity-belt, so-to-speak.

Yes, but I put in on myself, I might add. They always change everything around and make it look like men forced us to do it. You know, i hate this man-taking-credit-for-everything.

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