Mental Devastation – The Delusional Mystery of the Self (Blood Harvest)

When I first heard the beginning of a song, I thought to myself, “Oh no… another stupid retro thrash band.” I was going to turn it off, but I felt a sense of nostalgia as my hand went for the eject button, and the vocal kicked in and I couldn’t shut off the song.

I couldn’t shake the nostalgia. The vocals reminded me of Deathrow, Forbidden, and a wee bit of Violence, and the tasty time changes and classic riffing made me stop what I was doing so I could take in the music, and I became a fan, more so with each song.

I am grateful to this band for taking me back years when various underground styles were being formed and re-formed. This album gets a very high recommendation. Come for the nostalgia, but stay for the high quality. Every song is solid!

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