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This interview with Aphazel appeared in issue #10. Raychelle Tiege, who was a publicist at several labels, told me that when she went to Norway, she rang the doorbell at Aphazel’s house, and he answered the door. She was shocked that he had short hair. When he realized who she was, he closed the door, put on a wig, and then answered the door again. You can ask her about those details.

Hast thou been called a Cradle of Filth rip-off?
Yeah. Mostly in Europe.

The table on thy album cover might have the same symbolism for over-indulgence as used by Cradle of Filth.
We really didn’t have Cradle of Filth in mind when we took the photo. When I look at it now, it looks kind of similar.

The vocals of the female also mirror those of Cradle of Filth.
That, I can’t really comment on too much. I, myself, am not really a big fan of Cradle of Filth.

Thou art the one who has short hair and wore a wig out of shame.
I don’t care if people… if that’s the worst thing that they can say about the band, then that’s cool.

There was a singer, Kim, on thy last album.
Yeah. We kicked her out of the band.

Someone alleges that wherever she sleeps, she leaves with more that she had.
I am not surprised to hear that. She’s really… what’s the word… conceited. She stole money from Metal Blade, and she stole money from us. I’ve heard that she’s stealing from everybody. I lent her money for a keyboard. She didn’t pay back the whole amount.

I heard that she was thrown out because she had an affair with Hellhammer from Mayhem while she was dating John McEntee from Incantation.
It was way before she even started to go over to Norway, I think.

Did she show any member of Ancient a bit of loving?

She didn’t get the job that way?
No. I met her at a festival in Tennessee.

Wert thou wearing a wig at the time?

There is, on the back of thy CD booklet something that looks suspiciously like a King Diamond symbol.
Yeah. That’s exactly the same one that King Diamond uses.

Dost thou make snowmen?

Does Kalaphus write songs about snowfall in the Amazon rain forest?
Not that I’m aware of.

When Euronymous was killed, what was Ancient doing at the time?
We were getting ready to release the first album.

Wouldst thou agree that there are a lot of bands riding that trend?
Oh yeah. There’s more and more black metal bands all the time because they see that as an easy way to get recognition.

If thou were Superman, would originality be thy kryptonite?
What’s kryptonite?

Thou never heard of Superman?
Yeah, but we want to do something original, and I think we pretty much have done it on the album in a lot of ways.