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SELCOUTH-Heart Is The Star Of Chaos

This is a strange album.  There are a few moments when the music bears a resemblance to something that is known,, but madness eventually prevails.  Does this description not paint a picture?  Well, hearing the music will make you equally unable to describe this album to someone else.  Perhaps it is better to render an opinion.  This album seems like a novelty at first, but the occasional operatic soprano, gothic crooning, and the fleeting familiar styles and musical ingredients make this border between creativity and psychosis, which I find highly stimulating.  No brutality resides here, and neither does the bragging of dexterity (playing intruments for show rather than for feeling) and jarring tempo changes that are sometimes the components of albums categorized as strange.  No – this is a bizarre experience worth the aural journey, and the writer’s inability to draw a comparison says it all – this is unique.