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The Corona LAntern – Consuming the Tmepest

This album dwells in the mid-paced tempo or slightly below.  The vocals are more on the raspy side, carrying much of the weight of the songs because the riffs serve more as accompaniments, or it could be that there is an illusion that there is no sense of movement,  The band might intentionally have created a sense oi being mired in place, awaiting the end while giving voice to dying thoughts.    There is occasional dissonance, so I favor this explanation.  

There are occasional departures from this flavor, but in the entire dull spectrum I find it hard to sink into any of the songs.  Perhaps the album should be heard in a certain mood – there have been songs that did nothing to me in one frame of mind but the secrets were revealed when I heard the music at the right time.  I have yet to find this moment of resonance with this album, but you might fare better than I.


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The Corona Lantern
The Corona Lantern