Bill Zebub


Bill Zebub was invited to be a guest at Shock Stock, which is a horror convention in London. (

His latest movie, CLOWNA NOSTRA played there during a prime viewing time slot. To his surprise, Bill Zebub won an award for the best screenplay.

Even more surprising, the movie played to a packed room, and the audience remained until the end. If you have seen this movie, then you will know how amazing this is. The audience members were intelligent enough to interpret the offensive dialogue for what it was instead of getting triggered by it. This was no gathering of brainwashed people. This was an assembly of free-thinking people who love independent film.

Bill Zebub was treated like a king by staff as well as attendees. “This is how a horror convention should be run. Other organizers should take notes. ” said the King of the B Movies.

This was Bill Zebub’s favorite horror convention since he could remember going to conventions. No other event has ever come close to the vibe at Shock Stock.

Bill Zebub
Bill Zebub

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