Skepticism – Companion (Svart Records)

As a longtime fan, it is still striking when I hear every nuance of the instruments in a Skepticism song. The older albums had a fogginess that induced feelings of entering unexplored regions of the mind, and each listening session was a descent into the unknown. Even as songs became perfectly memorized, a sense of bearing was elusive. Listening lost you to the world.

The remix of Stormcrowfleet is still a mindblowing experience, one that I highly recommend.

Companion is another groundbreaking album. There is more dimension. Hearing the music is like entering a world of sound.

Guitars are more prominent in this offering. The keyboards are familiar yet new, more layered, and used in more, dare I say, melodic ways. There are also far more settings, almost like a doom orchestra. The mood is alive, yet morose, and far more dynamic. There are moments of strength and energy.

The unique vocals are crystal clear, and there is a variety to the emotion, exploring the range of the demonic singer.

I have not stopped listening to this album for three days now. I think about it when I am doing other things, and I hear the parts in my mind as I fall asleep.

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