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Indiegogo deletes Bill Zebub

Fans who participated in the crowdfunder for Bill Zebub’s upcoming atmospheric horror bombarded the legendary director with Emails asking why their contributions were refunded.

#indiegogo is NO friend of independent movie makers. Either someone over there who had extra time to flag movies banned Bill Zebub, or there was a knee-jerk reaction.

#facebook often removes Bill Zebub’s photographs but within a few days often apologizes for the mistake. Pictures of the #Dickshark movie are only vulgar if you interpret them that way. The movie is sold at Walmart! The movie is not porn. No movie that Bill Zebub has made can be considered porn unless you are socially retarded.

Bill Zebub will Email the funders to offer alternate arrangements. If YOU want to support this movie, you can Email – You can obtain the limited-edition uncensored Bluray for a mere $20, which is the same price of the normal retail version that will be released later this year, and you can opt for other items. Feel free to donate even a dollar if you wish. And of course, spread the word of this ignorant censorship. Bill Zebub has never had a problem with #kickstarter – they have superior customer service (they answer within 20 minutes and they have easy-to-find contact information) If you are a movie maker, take heed of what happened to Bill Zebub. Choose the more professional platform for your funding needs.


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