Words of Sorrow

Bill Zebub’s first book of poetry and short stories was published on April Fool’s day, but it is not a joke. Rather, it is a collection of the tragedy that you might not expect from the King of Idiots (the head of a record label gave Bill Zebub that title).

The book is published in several countries, including Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and England, so you can go to the amazon site for those locations for more merciful shipping costs. The link in America is https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086PL2C4N -spread the word.

This is also available as an eBook in MANY countries, including Australia, India, and Mexico, so check the amazon site for your region. In America, the eBook link is CLICK HERE.

Whichever format fits your needs, please support this very first work. Bill Zebub prefers reading actual books instead of words on the screen, but he knows that his own tastes are not generalize-able to the public. Both forms are very affordable.

Words of Sorrow by Bill zebub

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