I must preface this review by making people understand that when someone watches a movie, the desire is to be entertained. Some reviewers feel that they need to point out flaws and to criticize despite having no education in film or training in making movies.

It must also be pointed out that any movie that is seen has a sort of handshake with the viewer. Within as little as a few minutes to the viewer knows the rules that were established and either agrees to continue watching with acceptance, or continues in denial, and maybe at some point stops the experience.

I am not invested in this movie. I have never owned or even enjoyed a Misfits or a Danzig album, nor have I ever read the comic book that presumably led to the movie “Verotika.” I point this out so that you know that I am not invested in either the movie, the comic book, or Glen Danzig. I am not familiar with any of the aforementioned art or artist.

Now onto the movie. Within minutes I was able to discern the rules of the movie and continued to watch it as such. I sensed that the spirit of the movie was not serious. This might be completely wrong, or unintended, but that was my personal feeling.

Horror movies have long been considered the junk food of cinema. While there are exceptional movies, like “The Mist” there are nonetheless movies that perpetuate the stupidity stereotype. Indeed, many American horror and science fiction movies are just silly action movies with blood or lasers respectively. American horror also likes to validate idiotic ideas, like tales from primitive cultures being real. It seems that the bigger the budget, the more uneducated the writer are (if their premises are indicators). It is understandable. The most common I.Q. is 100, which is quite stupid, so appealing to a large crowd means simplifying the movie or else risking low acceptance.

Horror fans may require blood and other ingredients in their films, but I often wondered how many times a horror fan can see the special effect of a throat getting cut before the trick becomes boring. Yes, there is a throat-cutting scene in Verotika, but I am not mentioning it as an insult. I really am curious if horror fans can see the same gimmick in dozens of movies the same way that an infant is endlessly amused by a simple trick. If the answer is yes, then the throat-cutting shot will make such fans happy. There is plenty of blood in this movie.

I am happy to see that Glen Danzig is not afraid of female nudity in this silly era of primitive censorship. For this reason alone I will not state anything negative about the movie. I also refrain from any sort of bashing because I noticed that people on social media are ridiculing the movie, and I do not want to join in. Many of those insults are also from people who haven’t even seen the movie yet. The expectation is to hate it. It seems like gossiping housewives, so I would rather not join those ranks.

It is true that if this movie could be a comedy if I invite friends over and drink a lot. It can definitely provide that kind of fun. I don’t know what the intention of the creator was. The movie might have been made in total seriousness, sort of like “The Room” which might actually be the case. Regardless of the intention, I decided, within minutes of watching, that this was to be taken lightly.

If you have a fair amount of discretionary income, I would suggest buying this even if it is to be a gift from someone else. I want to support anyone who provides content that is currently under attack. Fuck censorship, and fuck puritans. It’s bad enough that politically-correct retards are infecting the ranks of metal – the feeble-minded sheep are trying to sanitize horror. Fight them with a purchase of any movie that spits in those faces.

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